You call that OCD?

When I was walking on campus today, I overheard a girl saying to her company, “… I wanted it to be that way because of my OCD …” It seems to me that the word OCD is overused these days, particularly in films and soap operas, in order to describe anyone’s quirks – to the extent that it feels almost unfair to those who actually suffer from it.

That said, mine is official now. I doubt anyone has noticed it, but after updating the WordPress last week, each month’s archives (on the side bar at your right) do not add up to the total number of the posts appearing above (next to my profile). After carefully looking at the theme editor and all that, my virtual landlord (i.e. who is kindly hosting this site on his) and I concluded it was possibly a bug. No one would care, he consoled. However, I become genuinely restless every time I come here and see it. Arrrrrgh.


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