“Microsoft iPod”

This unsourced clip has been floating around the Internet for a while. Quite a satire. I love it.

That said, I was told it might have come from MS’s own Marketing Dept. In either case, self-mockery seems a popular marketing approach these days.

On the other hand, Korean online culture has witnessed ‘advanced antis (지능형 안티)’ turning this logic around and leaving overpraising comments about their target everywhere on the Net, in order to have the target frowned upon instead. For example, anti-feminists leave misandry feminist posts on discussion boards about conscription, TVXQ [a Korean boy band] haters leave fanatic, groupie-like comments at the bottom of random news articles about tragic events, or anti-Roh [the current President] groups put blind defences of him up on the sites of opposition parties.

Everything now seems like a mind game.


2 thoughts on ““Microsoft iPod”

  1. If this happened in India, they would be doing the president (prime minister to be precise) a favour 😛

    >anti-Roh (the current President) groups put blind defenses >of him up on the sites of opposition parties.

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