In the Cyworld frame of mind

A little sitemap kind of introduction. As I mentioned in an earlier post, despite my boundless love for the Internet, I have been more of an ‘eyeballer’ than a content producer online. That said, I have been maintaining a mini-homepy @ Cyworld for more than 6 years.


(Here are a Wikipedia entry and a Guardian article about the service.)

It has been my little space for self-mockery and flippancy. Apart from its highly customised console requiring no technical sophistication, I think I was feeling secure and comfortable with the idea that I have control over who sees what. It’s kind of amazing – come to think of it – what a degree of censorship Cy-users are encouraged to exercise.

I have decided to continue posting light-hearted and intimate material on this blog, too. A funny sensation in the sense that I will never know who I am talking to. I guess that’s part of the deal.

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